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Consulting and Assistance Services

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Consulting and Assistance Services
Often times what people need is just someone to help fill in the gaps and pull things together. Maybe it is your in-house design team having a great design but can't get it to the web or your current RFP for a new website is getting widely different responses. We can help you pull it together and eliminate the hassle.

We work with all business types to provide consulting or supplemental assistance on web and technical projects. As we focus on the web-side of things, we are a "ad agency-friendly" business that can provide the needed expertise when things get technical. We can be part of your team and assist directly in meetings or stay in the background and provide our services discreetly in a white label fashion.

About Me

Michelle Loeza- Web Designer, HTML / CSS. Owner & Creator of Duetco Designs

Owner of a company specializing in web, branding, and marketing. Christ Follower, Wife, Mother, Creator of Email me about your project.
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Duetco Designs
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231 Market Place, #617
San Ramon, CA 94583 United States

Telephone: (925) 452-7495 
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Nicole tucker
We love working with Michelle! She always takes the concept to the next level. Highly creative, great branding sense and fun to work with! She has the whole package. We highly recommend Michelle for all your web and design needs. She's a pro.