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About Us

Duetco Designs, LLC is a professional web development and complete marketing solutions firm based in the US. We have clients with successful relationships with many third party vendors such as; Google, Yahoo, Magento, Joomla, Wordpress, and many others. We understand what it takes to run a business, so rest assured that we'll make your website design process an easy one.  We offer completed solutions for all industries for both small and large companies.


We continually stay in tune with the trends in technology and stay current on the latest methods. Only the state of the art and cutting edge technology is always provided in creating new and innovative ways to make our clients' experience better.  

If you are looking for a trusted reputable web design company to handle your online business needs, then look no further.

Our Personal Care

Why choose a large company that doesn't know or even care about your business? Duetco Designs is the right size to take care of you, your web and marketing solutions. When you choose us, we will work with you personally through every phase of your project and also whenever you need any assistance in the future.

Our Pricing

We make sure to help you understand our process and what you will be receiving.  We will explain every detail of that process, time lines, explain the cost as well as provide everything in writing outlining in detail exactly what our responsibilities are as well as your own.

Unlike many other companies, we offer a better value for your money. We do not have any hidden charges. In addition, you (the client) are not obligated to host with us however we do recommend it due to the fact we have no control over other hosting companies and our number one concern is the results you receive from our products and services.

You can be assured, our prices are completive and you will find that our price will be right in the middle. Since we don’t outsource our work, keeping our prices low compared to other design companies that do outsource their work.  All of the design work is done by our on-staff designer, guided by you through every phase of your project.

Duetco Designs

From the start to finish, we will work with you personally to understand your taste and your ideas and do it all to match your needs. We then create your site in a timely manner, get your approval on our work, and publish your Web site on the Internet. It’s all that simple.

We hope we have answered all the possible questions you may have had. However, if there are any questions left unanswered, please pick up the phone and give us a call. We will gladly discuss your needs and concerns. Whomever you choose, we want to  thank you for taking the time to visit our company and we hope you have tons of success in all your endeavors.

Call us toll free on 925-452-7493, or email us today for a free professional consultation to discuss what we can do for you.

  •  We custom build your website, unless you request otherwise
  •  We can help you with all of your web design and web marketing needs
  •  We abide by Federal and State Laws
  •  We are an ethical company
  •  We offer you more value for your money
  •  Our phones ring here in the US and we answer them from the US
  •  Our turnaround time is always reasonable


About Me

Michelle Loeza- Web Designer, HTML / CSS. Owner & Creator of Duetco Designs

Owner of a company specializing in web, branding, and marketing. Christ Follower, Wife, Mother, Creator of Email me about your project.
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Contact Us

Duetco Designs
Mailing Address only
231 Market Place, #617
San Ramon, CA 94583 United States

Telephone: (925) 452-7495 
Email: Contact Form

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Nicole tucker
We love working with Michelle! She always takes the concept to the next level. Highly creative, great branding sense and fun to work with! She has the whole package. We highly recommend Michelle for all your web and design needs. She's a pro.